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Flash and Learn is an educational company, established in 2001. We manufacture and resell more than 4000 products which are distributed all over South Africa to schools, shops, parents and other institutions.


Our products include:

  • Laminated flash cards and posters. An extensive range of alphabet, mathematics, language, measurement and theme related posters are available,
  • A selection of the products are produced in most the official languages of South Africa.
  • Magnetic products (magnetic money, shapes, word building and number building sets, weather and rewards charts).
  • Cardboard products (length charts, classroom borders, number lines and money sets).
  • Badges (steel reward badges) comes in two different sizes.
  • We publish books, designing, printing and binding books for schools and writers.
  • Our books include:
  • Story books, big books and small readers. Each book is done individually by specific writers and illustrators.


We are also proud to introduce our “RIGHTCLICK” list of companies.

Did you know we do more than just educational aids?

Let me tell you more…

  • iPrint: Printing and branding. You want I we will make it happen as best we can!
  • SWEAK: You may not be able to import but we can! You need something far far away, we will get it here for you!
  • Flash and Learn: Educational aids for resale, home use and for use in the classroom.
  • Advertix: Innovative Ads, get your business out there and start making money, we can help you!